Personal Mobility Management

Mobility Options Discovery & Engagement (MODE)

Metropia's advanced, predictive algorithms and rewards-based mobile platform influence drivers to shift departure times and use alternative modes of transportation to balance infrastructure capacity and demand.

Transportation System Management

Urban Analytics and Big Data

By applying dynamic, real-time modeling to vast system-wide and personal mobility data, Metropia enhances agency analytics capabilities and identifies optimal safety and system performance improvements.

Bridging Transportation Systems and Personal Mobility Behavior

Though transportation agencies have traditionally approached Transportation System Management (TSMO) and Active Demand Management (ADM) as separate challenges, Metropia seamlessly bridges TSMO with ADM, empowering transportation agencies to enhance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of transportation systems while significantly reducing congestion.

Metropia bridges TSMO with ADM to help agencies:

  • Introduce alternative mobility options to commuters
  • Proactively manage and influence traffic networks
  • Better utilize corridor/system capacities
  • Improve operational planning decisions
  • Optimize special event traffic management